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S word Art Online Hollow Fragment is a sleazy mess. I tried to find a more elegant way to put that, but there is nothing else that encapsulates my feelings on the game better than that. The game is based on the relatively popular Sword Art Online anime series and takes place after the first season. Fans of the series will likely know this information beforehand, but it would have been nice to have some sort of small recap video for the odd person who might buy it on a whim. Combat consists of you mashing the O button furiously to get an automated combo to trigger. Because of this, they have usually gotten a pass on having latency based action. Sometimes you will come across NPCs who are being attacked by the various enemies of the game, and you can choose to help them out.

Sword Art Online – Hollow Fragment – The Complete Guide

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Role Playing, Video Games. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization – Packshot 1 and replacement. The most ambitious Sword Art Online game created to date.

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Review

It is written to help you raise affection levels with your in-game friends through the chat system. The FAQ is made by writing down the lines in the game and the correct buttons for each line, which is done though trail and error. The character lines will be typed as they appear in the game, so please don’t message me about typos or grammer errors. To initiate a chat, you first have to take your partner to a dating spot.

Then you have press the Circle button when you see an orange chat bubble above your partner’s head. For this FAQ I will be calling those orange chat bubbles that pop up before you begin the chat as chat triggers.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization picks up shortly after where the last more scenic locations in which you can take a partner on a ‘date’.

Misery Business. Sword Art Online is an anime series that has quite the large fan following. While the game was released on the Vita, it would seem the developer got a little ambitious and decided to release it on PlayStation 4 as Sword Art Online: Re: Hollow Fragment. Unable to log out of the game, Kirito and friends begin to investigate the occurrence. If players try to escape the game, they die in real life. In fact, the game would be more interesting if this storyline were the main focus.

What players are treated to instead is a disgusting and obnoxious level of fanservice that borderlines on the offensive. They spend more of the game behaving like stalkers than actually being characters. Speaking of personality, this game has none. Even the Hollow Fragment missions, which are unique to that special area and a little harder than regular ones, are equally dull.

For a Vita to PlayStation 4 port, the production values on this game are janky, sporting poor optimization everywhere, but especially in towns, where the game will even go so far as freezing when too much is on screen. In larger areas the framerate dips to unplayable levels when too much is going on at once.

Dating system?

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Darling Daughter Trophy in Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization: Reach maximum Date talking interaction varies, but it tells you how much affection it grants every time you complete it. Have you got any tips or tricks to unlock this trophy?

There are Dating Spots which do affect your selection of Conversations orange and yellow text box , but do note that time of day does have an effect on Conversations. Some conversations seem to not appear at certain times. This said, the best time for dating is usually at night. At this time, this guide will only cover one dating spots, mention two easy use dating spots, and mention bed chat for the trophy heroines and will only note correct response branches.

The idea is to first switch between the easy use dating spots and use the alternate spot for when both dry up. Then at level 5 mood, go to your room, then go to Agil’s Shop, Bridal Carry your heroine and rush up the stairs if you do this immediately after leaving your room, you should be able to pick her up and go back up the stairs before another heroine gets close. Then go to the bed and start the bed conversation.

These actions appear to slowly restore available conversations for dating spots.

About the Dating Game Section

The game was released on April 24, in Japan. The game has sold approximately , copies worldwide [9] , including 70, downloads in North America, making it the number one Vita download in that region for [10]. It was the tenth-best-selling Vita download on the EU PlayStation Store for [12] , and the fifth-best-selling Vita download in that same region for [13].

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(Vita) Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment review

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Sword art online hollow realization dating guide. See an emphasis on april Sinton and know not what if story, this guide video. Promega corporation is even​.

Unlike Aincrad the setting from previous games , there is no threat of dying and players are free to log in and out when they want. Some typical problems return from Lost Song, namely the painfully long interactions. You can skip them, but by doing so you may miss something important. Story development and long cut scenes aside, the combat and progression is pretty good. You have the standard light attack and heavy attack which you can combine together to form combos, but there are special attacks you can perform by yourself, and team moves called Chain Attacks.

The hits you connect increase a damage multiplier, and this helps to wear down your enemies faster. You can congratulate friends in your party which is now made up of four members, not three and this helps them to improve their performance in battle. There are plenty of areas to visit too, and the plentiful side quests will build up in no time. Visually, this is the best Sword Art Online to date. The music is also fantastic, bringing the eccentricities of the AJRPG to the forefront with boastful whoops and bangs.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is a big game, and if you enjoy fetch quests, boss battles and a hefty story, you should give it some time. Story has pacing issues Character interactions go on for too long Quests can be repetitive. With it being the first SAO game set outside the anime, it does a good job of creating a new story, even if it takes some time to get going. Platform PlayStation 4.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – Chat System FAQ

Hollow Fragment does neither of these things, instead following an alternative continuity based after the events of the fourteenth episode of the anime that veers off in new directions. Hollow Fragment splinters off just before this part and imagines that a strange virus hit just before Kirito beat Kayaba and as such the players have to clear the remaining 25 floors to free themselves.

The actual story beyond this is fairly interesting — at least once it gets going.

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment is not a real MMORPG, and as such Really though, it is just an excuse to allow the player to date and.

This dating sim strategy works for all the heroine ladies in the game. You want to wait for the yellow bubble where the girls want to talk to you. Enter the conversation or chat immediately. Make sure no one is around the inn nearby. If you perform the Bridal Carry while there are people around, the mood level will reset to rank 1. The best timing to perform bridal carry is at dawn or night, because there are less chances of other people around.

Note: Other laides: Make sure that you help them with their quests to raise the mood from rank 0 to 1. Add her into your party to raise the rank to 2. Then you can use this strategy laid out in this guide. Your email address will not be published.

About Relationships:

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Jump to navigation. It started with. Instead of climbing a gigantic story tower, Sword Art: Origin plays it safe and has you completing more traditional MMO quests, like wandering through a forest and killing around seventeen thousand disposable enemies for their drops. Its combat is fast, furious, and technical. The game makes you feel like an overleveled, overpowered, min-maxed anime protagonist, which is appropriate considering the subject matter.

But the rest of the mechanics are committed to creating a facsimile of an online game. Most of your special abilities are cooldown-based and are spread out in a grid at the bottom of the screen. Characters use SP to fuel some of them, and chug potions or rely on innate regeneration to restore it.

Fast Dating and Bedroom Strategy | Hollow Fragment

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Enter Sword Art Online and experience a tale of noble souls SWORD ART ONLINE: ALICIZATION RISING STEEL is SAO’s newest anime RPG. The Alicization.

Players can create special bonds with these characters by giving equipment to them. Strengthening the bond also increases the character’s strength. A new battle system also features in Hollow Realization , where the four-person team of players fight monsters using sword skills in a similar fashion to the original Sword Art Online game. Players can also direct and receive guidance from party members in collaborating to perform team strategies and attacks.

Hollow Realization is approximately 30 to 40 hours in length; however, completely finishing the game such as leveling up to the highest level and completing all the quests will take the player approximately 70 to hours. Yosuke Futami, producer [11]. Hollow Realization takes place in Sword Art: Origin , a restoration of Aincrad titled Ainground, [11] with intentions of research and development [13] in the year , three years after the original Sword Art Online event.

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment PS4 Gameplay Video Part 4 – Floor 76 Boss + Floor Clearing Tips