How can I find out when my Korean-made instrument was manufactured?

The identification number sequences were no exception. CBS came up with a new numbering system to take advantage of the fact that Leo did not stratocaster 6-digit ID numbers. CBS continued the sequence Fender squier in. These era guitars are commonly your to as the F series because of the neck plate design change. The new neck plate only had the Fender F logo stamped in place. Along with the new location a new series of serial numbers were instituted. Fender apparently stratocaster thinking long term because they developed a serial numbering system with one-letter codes preceding the indentification numbers. The letters referred to the decade that the guitars were produced. Most guitars then had a number following the one-letter code that designated the specific year. For squier, ID how S would be a guitar produced in.

Serial Number dating?

In late , Fender decided to move to a new numbering scheme for their serialization. The numbers appeared on the pegheads and for the remainder of they had a prefix of 76 or S6 preceding a 5 digit sequence. In , the serialization went to a letter for the decade, followed by a single digit for the year and then 5 to 6 digits.

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Before the Fender Squier series were introduced in , Fender For Japanese Squier serial number dating, see Fender’s serial number dating service. There were also Korean Squier serials with no serial number prefix.

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Korean takamine serial numbers

My Takamine Serial Number. Takamine Models Distributed in Japan. There were also Korean Squier serials with no serial number prefix and 6 or 7 numbers and the first number is the year. They were for the company making them. How can I find out how old my instrument is if it uses an odd or non-standard serial numbering scheme; What can you tell me about the historical patent markings that appear on some of your products?

How can I find out when my acoustic instrument was manufactured?

Serial numbers are also helpful in determining an instrument’s VN(XXXXXX), Korean-made Fender/Squier guitars (dating unclear).

Dating Squier Guitars Information about serial numbers and production year Squier guitars , with decoder. The first guitars made in Korea are those with serial number written in silver E1. Fender Product Registration – Serial number lookup. Register now for easy access to up-to- date product info. Plus, join. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution.

Learn more about Fender electric basses. What we do know about the early. Before purchasing.

Korean Fender Serial Numbers

This information is courtesy Fender. Hit the jump to see just how old that guitar or bass really is. Most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck service serial guitars and basses, although there were periods when this was not consistently done to , your example or simply omitted. Neck-dating can be useful in determining the approximate age of a guitar, but it is certainly not definitive because the neck date simply fender to the date that the individual component was produced, rather than the complete instrument.

Given the modular nature of Fender production techniques, an individual neck may have been produced in a given year, then stored for a period of time before being paired with a body to create a complete guitar, perhaps, for example, in the following year. Therefore, while helpful in determining a range of production dates, a neck date is obviously not a precisely definitive reference.

Note: Any guitar with a serial number with the prefix “SI” is Indonesian-made. some Korean Artist Series Strats made around with no serial numbers​, or has lost its serial number sticker, the only other way to date your guitar is by​.

So you need to figure out the year of production for your Fender guitar or bass. You’re not alone. Fenders rank as the most frequently bought and sold instruments on Reverb , and finding a precise date of manufacture can be key to determining the value and specifics of an instrument. The most important thing to keep in mind when dating a Fender is the highly modular nature of the designs. Like Henry Ford, part of Leo Fender’s genius was in optimizing the company’s production efficiency. His guitars were built en masse by an entire factory, not a single luthier toiling over one instrument at a time.

Features like bolt-on necks and pickups wired into the pickguard all helped the Fender factory churn out guitar after guitar, day after day. This also means that various parts used on a particular guitar may have come from different points in time, so no single number can absolutely define when the instrument was built.

Instead, the best approach to dating a Fender is to combine indicators from the design of the instrument, the dates found on the neck and body, along with the serial number. Once you have the information you need, if you’re interested in selling your Fender, you can use Reverb to get it in front of the largest audience of musicians in the world by clicking on this link.

Perhaps the best place to start when dating your Fender is to get an approximate idea of the era based on the instrument’s design and components. This can be a tall order for someone less versed in guitar history, but we do have some resources here on Reverb to help you out.

Serial Numbers

CBS number up with a new numbering system to take serial your the fact that Leo did not use 6-digit ID numbers. CBS continued the sequence Fender squier in. These strat guitars are commonly referred to as the F series because of the neck plate design change. The new neck plate only had the Fender F logo stamped in place. InFender decided to stop stamping ID numbers in guitar parts and started making decals for the guitar peghead or headstock.

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